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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why should I register in SearchingFaculty.com?
You can search and get connected with Institution in minutes and not in days. You will get details about your roles and responsibility of the job available opportunity. You can directly show interest on the job opening or institution. This portal will increase your chances of getting a deserving job with a right institution. Safety of your profile is assured until you show interest to the institution, to view your profile.

2.How Can I Update/Edit my Resume?
Anytime; after you login with your USERID and PASSWORD, go to Update Profile page enter your profile, Academic, Experience, Certification details and click Save. You can edit these details at any time.

3.How Safety is my Resume with SearchingFaculty.com?

Your resumes will not be shared with any one without your consent. Only after your approval your resume will be shared with the invited institution.

4.Can I access the openings without showing my basic details to the employer?
Yes. You can make your profile to be invisible by clicking "UnPost" in Update profile page and you can search the opportunities without showing your basic details to the institution.

5.I don't remember my password. How do I login?
Try the below three possible ways to retrieve your password 6.How do I change my contact details given during registration?
After you login with your USERID and PASSWORD, click "settings" at the top right of the page. Modify your changes and click Save for the changes to be effective in the profile.

7.How do I search and apply for the Openings?
After you login with your USERID and PASSWORD, please go to the menu 'Search/Apply Opportunity'. Search Opportunities based on the State, District, Department, Education level, Experience years, Institution Name. Click "Show interest" icons to apply for the opportunity or general apply for the institute.

8.Where Can I see the Invites for me from the Institutions?
After you login with your USERID and PASSWORD, please go to the menu 'View/Apply Invite'. You can filter the invites based on the below categories Your profile will be displayed to the institutions once you approve the invites.

9.Why I am seeing 'Pay to View' in all the opportunities?
If you have not made the payment or renewed the service; Institution Name, View Institution and Job Number will appear as 'Pay to View' and you will not be able to apply for the opening. Please make payment through settings page (or) please contact SearchingFaculty to help you with the process.

10.I am not able to locate a department or job title or other values that I want in the system?
We have taken extensive care to collate all the data that are applicable and available in educational institutions. Apologies us for not having the entry you are looking for. Please contact SearchingFaculty to help you with the process. If it is a valid data, we will setup the data.

11.What are Premium Jobs?
Premium Jobs are Job openings created by Registered institution of searchingfaculty.com. These job openings are created directly by Institution or authorized entity authorized by the institution. To View and Apply, You should become a Premium member of searchingfaculty.com

12.What are Similar Jobs?
Similar Jobs are Job openings which are closely related your Search Interests based on either Qualification, Department.

13.How can I make a Job Search?
You can Search jobs based on Qualification, Department and Institution type in the Latest openings tab without logging in. In order to make an Advanced search of Jobs, Please become a Registered user of searchingfaculty.com